The Health Round Table Innovations Workshops & Awards were held in Brisbane on the 26-27July 2017. During this event, colleagues from across Australia and New Zealand joined to share innovative practices across a wide spectrum of topics in rapid-fire mini workshops.

Projects were presented as a simple PowerPoint-style presentation outlining the issues and the solutions implemented to address these. Two of our AEHRC collaborative projects won innovation awards in the following streams:

i) Improving the continuum of care:
CALD Assist – Nursing
Issue: Demand for interpreter services often exceeds supply.
Solution: Western Health, in partnership with AEHRC, has expanded the CALD AssistTM iPad application. The multi-modal App facilitates two-way communication between non English speaking background patients and nurses to improve patient experience, clinical assessment and basic interactions.

ii) Improving self-care
M♡THer Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) App and Interactive Clinician Portal:
Issue: Women with GDM carry a paper based diary and blood glucose results are not always available for the multi-disciplinary team, leading to suboptimal care.
Solution: an alternative digital care system, improving multidisciplinary care co-ordination and decreasing the number of unnecessary ante-natal GDM clinic visits. This project brings together Metro South Hospital and Health Service and AEHRC to develop and test an engaging platform that meets the needs of GDM clients and their clinicians.

Members of the M♡THer research team