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AEHRC has developed a flexible surgical simulation software platform, MILXSim, which provides high performance rendering and simulation capabilities to the Surgical Simulation and Planning team. The platform is developed in C++ and...

August 2, 20183

Mobile Technology Enabled Rehabilitation – MoTER

The Cloud-based MoTER app helps users to maintain their health by allowing patients to follow tailored rehabilitation programs from home.   MoTER aims to develop computer aided clinical information processing and reporting systems...

August 1, 20183
Medical Free Text Retrieval and Analytics


MilxXplore is a php application developed by the Biomedical Imaging Group. It is part of the Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO Digital Productivity and Services Flagship.  MilxXplore provides high performance rendering and...

July 30, 20183

MedTex – Medical Text Processing Software

Our research has developed advanced natural language processing, information retrieval, and machine learning approaches to overcome the problems of ‘understanding and reasoning with clinical data’. Medical Free Text...

November 23, 20174

NGSane- Cloud Based Genomics

Minimises overhead for set up and processing of new projects. NGSANE We developed NGSANE [2], a Linux-based, HPC-enabled framework that minimises overhead for set up and processing of new projects yet maintains full flexibility of...

November 23, 20173
MILXView interface displaying a CT scan for a prostate cancer patient with their radiation treatment dose overlaid (darker colours indicate higher dose).


Designed and developed to support internal research efforts, provide a viable and robust environment for clinical applications.           Introduction The MILXView platform was developed by the Biomedical...

November 22, 20173


Shrimp is HTML5, SVG, and Javascript based, and runs in most modern web browsers. Shrimp is a browser for hierarchical terminologies like SNOMED CT and AMT in a HL7 FHIR Terminology Server like Ontoserver....

November 18, 20173


Recording the right code — diagnosis, procedure, medication — can be simple. With fast, incremental search, and context-specific result ordering Ontoserver puts SNOMED CT, AMT, LOINC, and FHIR-based CodeSystems at your...

November 18, 20173


Snorocket is an implementation of the Dresden algorithm that is tuned for classifying the SNOMED CT clinical terminology. Snorocket Snorocket is an implementation of the Dresden algorithm that is tuned for classifying the SNOMED CT...

November 17, 20173
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