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We develop and deploy leading edge ICT innovations for Australian health care system

The Australian e-Health Research Centre works with our partners to deliver value to the Australian community. This page features some of the projects we have achieved or are working on with our partners. These case studies identify the challenge we were addressing, details of our approach to tackling the challenge and the results and outcomes.

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Improving eye screening for people with diabetes using AI

  The Challenge: Diabetic retinopathy screening can only be done by specialists Diabetic retinopathy is a complication affecting one in three people with diabetes. Without early detection and timely treatment, it can lead to...

February 8, 20183
colourful pills lie on a white surface next to a thermometer

Adverse Drug Reaction Identification in Medical Forums

The Challenge Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), also known as drug side effects, are a major concern for public health, costing health care systems worldwide millions of dollars. Social media has been identified as a source of information...

November 23, 20176
a range of line and bar graphs against a blurred purple background

Fast and Effective Medical Record Search and Analytics

The Challenge Search technologies are critical to enable clinical staff to rapidly and effectively access patient information contained in free-text medical records. Medical search is challenging as it suffers from the semantic gap...

November 23, 20174

Checking radiology reports to prevent missed fracture

The Challenge The checking of X-ray reports to ensure limb fractures are not missed and that patients receive appropriate follow-up once discharged from the Emergency Department (ED) is an essential but laborious task....

November 23, 20175
droplets of moisture along the strands of a spiderweb

Death Certificate Coding for Mortality Statistics

The Challenge Death certificates provide an invaluable source for mortality statistics, which can be used for surveillance and early warnings of increases in disease activity and to support the development and monitoring of prevention...

November 23, 20174
Ones and zeros repeat in a circle.

Automating Cancer Notifications and Reporting

Pathology notification for a Cancer Registry is regarded as the most valid information for the confirmation of a diagnosis of cancer. The development of a clinical decision support system to unlock information from medical free-text...

November 23, 20175
Intricate geometric patterned network

Quantification of brain tissue properties

With the recent developments in MRI technology, it is now possible to non-invasively measure underlying biochemical and metabolic properties of brain tissue. The multi-echo gradient recall echo MRI...

November 23, 20174
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