Our new TKR rehab app aims to assist patients manage their surgery preparation and speed up recovery

The Challenge: Patients aren’t completing rehab following total knee replacements

Total knee replacement (TKR) is a procedure that has been rising steadily in recent years. In fact there was a 77 per cent increase in TKR surgeries from 2003 to 2014 in Australia, and this trend is likely to continue due to factors such as the aging population and increased obesity rates.

Studies have shown that rehabilitation exercises following TKR surgery can lead to faster recovery times, however many patients fail to implement an effective preparation or rehabilitation plan.

The Response: A digital platform to help patients manage their rehab

We’ve developed and are trialling digital rehab platform to support more TKR patients completing rehabilitation programs.

The rehab platform includes a smartphone application (app) which provides patients with practical information including physiotherapy demonstration videos, pre-surgery checklists, reminders and supportive information in text, video and audio format. The technology also includes a wearable activity tracker to encourage basic exercise, track sleep and self monitor progress.

In addition, the platform links to a website where clinicians can configure individual physiotherapy programs and monitor patient progress remotely.

The Results: Bridging the communication gaps between clinicians and patients

We’ve developed a digital tool to support patients and care givers through the total knee replacement journey.

This includes information on the surgery and preparation, patient coaching, assistance with physiotherapy plus use of wearables to motivate patients to self-monitor and engage. The study will show us how the technology impacted patients and carers.

Launched in November 2016, up to 300 patients will be involved in the trial across five hospitals from multiple states in Australia.


Our new TKR rehab app aims to assist patients manage their surgery preparation and speed up recovery.

Total Knee Replacement App

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