With the recent developments in MRI technology, it is now possible to non-invasively measure underlying biochemical and metabolic properties of brain tissue. The multi-echo gradient recall echo MRI modality at 3.0T has been widely used to reflect vascular properties and tissue biochemical components including iron and myelin. More recently, the analytical modelling based on Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) which reflects tissue susceptibility demonstrated an association with iron level in the brain.

My research interests in collaboration with Florey institute of Neuroscience, UQ, CRC for Mental Health, and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) are:

  • Validate and compare the quantitative value of QSM-susceptibility to parenchymal iron
  • Compare the quality of QSM- susceptibility as an indirect measure of iron in 3.0T vs 7.0T MRI
  • Address subject- and disease-specific source of variability in QSM data using a reference region for clinical analysis
  • Multi-compartment modelling of susceptibility to investigate iron and myelin contributions

Team and Contact

Dr Amir Fazlollahi: amir.fazlollahi@csiro.au

Dr Jurgen Fripp: Jurgen.fripp@csiro.au