The Challenge: Implementing clinical terminologies is difficult and costly

The National Clinical Terminology Service, a collaboration between CSIRO and the Australian Digital Health Agency, is enabling Australia’s digital health initiatives to use the same “language” to capture clinical information in Australia’s electronic health records.

Powerful clinical terminologies such as SNOMED CT are complex in nature, making implementation difficult and often costly.

The Response: A world-leading clinical terminology server

Our researchers here at the Australian e-Health Research Centre have developed tools such as Ontoserver to reduce the complexity of implementing clinical terminologies.

Built on HL7’s FHIR standard, Ontoserver is a world-leading clinical terminology server that supports easier, consistent and more meaningful use of clinical information in healthcare.

The Results: Our model has been installed in more than 150 practices and services around Australia

Ontoserver is the fastest and most complete implementation on the market. With more than 50 licensees across Australia and internationally, it underpins Australia’s National Clinical Terminology Service, providing support for SNOMED CT, AMT, LOINC, and FHIR-based CodeSystems.

It is free to license and use for the Australian private and public health sectors, and is available for commercial license overseas.