Tele-Health Solutions

Jana Vignarajan
Team Leader
Tele-Health Solutions

The Tele-Health Solutions team develop and trial solutions that enable delivery of healthcare remotely and support research involving tele-health

Our Science

Enabling Tele-Health research in hospitals and remote healthcare requires in-depth knowledge and a constantly updated technology skill set. AEHRC’s in-house software engineering team works with the clinicians to deliver cutting edge software outcomes which is usable in the health service industry. The team specialises in technology deployment in desktop, web and mobile environments using cloud and traditional infrastructure.

The team has an extensive knowledge in integration and deployment and specialises in following areas:

  • Healthcare integration
  • Platform generation
  • Validation and testing
  • Software release lifecycle
  • Experimentation on emerging technologies
  • Mobile app development and deployment
  • Agile development within the clinical environment

The team operates in three main functional areas:

  • Web: Using web technologies, the team will be delivering high-quality health applications to the clients. The end-user experience will be a focus within this work area and the team will be working towards user experience, data visualization, patient record flow, and image visualisation and annotation.
  • Mobile Technology: The team will be developing and deploying mobile apps that directly will be used by clinicians, healthcare workers, and patients. The team will be managing the technology stack and find new innovative methods to deliver CSIRO’s technology to the hands of users.Backend Systems: AEHRC is the leading team in health technology such as FHIR, Health Text Analysis, Medical Imaging. This team will be focussed on applying knowledge and generating new technologies in WA.
    Impact on the Health System

Impact on the Health System

We aim to reduce the cost of delivery of care, avoid unnecessary patient/ specialist travel, reduce long wait list at public hospitals and improve fast healthcare delivery.

Our Solutions

We are working with Fiona Stanley Hospital in delivering mobile application solutions to clinicians. Our AI based screen tool to detect diabetic retinopathy has been rolled out into GP clinics in Singapore with our commercial partner.

The team has also developed a telemedicine store-and-forward platform for various medical applications, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry and emergency medicine.

Case Studies

Team Members:

Jana Vignarajan

Maryam Mehdizadeh







Jana Vignarajan
Team Leader, Lead Software Engineer overseeing all the telemedicine software and mobile health app development & deployment @ AEHRC Perth.

Maryam Mehdizadeh
Software Engineer, developing cutting edge software applications and specialising in data visualisation.

Mohamed Estai
Overseas trained GP and postdoc research fellow. His research is broadly focusing on telehealth, in particular, teledentistry and teleophthalmology.