Australian Tele-health Research and Development Group (ATRDG)

Yogi Kanagasingam
Team Leader
Australian Tele-health Research and Development Group

The Australian Tele-health Research and Development Group is our partnership with the Western Australian Department of Health and our Western Australia node of the Australian e-Health Research Centre (AEHRC).

Patient having eye testThe team based in Perth conducts research projects investigating the use of telemedicine to provide healthcare to rural and remote Australia and to identify new screening methods for diseases that are possible to implement using tele-medicine. The current focus is the development of novel telemedicine technologies in the form of non-invasive ocular imaging techniques for chronic diseases such as Diabetes and for neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

Remote-I tele-ophthalmology trial
The team have recently completed the trial of our Remote-I technology to Torres Strait and WA Goldfields.

Occular biomarkers for disease screening
Computer-aided techniques are being developed for the purpose of analysing ocular photographs from the retina. The purpose of this analysis is to take measurements from the imagery and to identify techniques that could detect changes in the eye associated with neuro-degenerative disease.

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Remote-I for tele-ophthalmology