Developing imaging technology that identifies patient function and can guide intervention strategies


Figure 1. Brain morphology imaged using MPRAGE 3T MRI (top left axial, top right sagittal, bottom coronal)

This activity, in collaboration between CSIRO, the Queensland Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation and Research Centre and the Stella Maris Institute, is investigating imaging technologies for the early detection of brain injury associated with CP, the estimation of long-term functional outcomes, and the efficacy of intervention strategies to improve patient outcomes.

These imaging technologies encompass several different techniques:

  • Imaging of brain structure associated with Cerebral Palsy;
  • Using automated image processing methods to provide insights into the mechanisms of injury; and
  • Identifying patient function that can guide intervention strategies.

We aim to extend these approaches to other developmental disorders, and develop a web-based tool to make these quantifications available to medical professionals.

Team and Contact

Dr Alex Pagnozzi:

Dr Jurgen Fripp:

Prof Stephen Rose: