CONSULT is a 3D experience that allows neurosurgeons to see the invisible, making brain surgery safer and more effective than ever before




Brain Surgery Remains A High-Risk Procedure

Brain surgery is dangerous. The brain contains about a trillion axons – microscopic ‘wires’ that carry information. Surgeons need to cut through a subset of these wires, but if the wrong wires are cut, patients can end up partially blind, numb, mute, or paralysed for life. Surgeons cannot see which wires are which, and have to perform neurosurgery based almost purely on intuition. This is akin to defusing a bomb blindfolded, but no proven technology exists for surgeons to overcome these dangers.

We Are Transforming Brain Surgery

CONSULT is software that uses advanced functional, structural and diffusion MRI to identify ‘wires’ requisite for critical functions. Virtual reality allows neurosurgeons to interact with the danger map to plan surgery that is safe and effective. As they conduct surgery, the system continues to guide them as to imminent safety issues and progress relative to their plan. It’s ‘dial before you dig’ for your brain. CONSULT will make brain surgery safer, more effective, and allow surgeons to treat patients who would previously have been considered too high risk.

The Opportunity

Neurosurgery is conducted at thousands of hospitals worldwide. Adverse outcomes can carry life-time cost of millions of dollars per patient. Our customers are hospitals, public and private; we intend on establishing CONSULT as a basic safety requirement for most forms of neurosurgery. Radiologists and neurosurgeons are already reaching out to our team for assistance. TRL9 technology forms the foundation of our TRL3 application.

We Are Seeking Partners

CONSULT is a unique opportunity for companies to showcase the potential for ‘real world’ applications of their technologies. We are seeking a partnership with a virtual- or augmented-reality hardware supplier, whose technology we can leverage to ensure the surgical planning experience provided by CONSULT is maximally intuitive for clinicians. The ‘hands on’ 3D experience provided by VR is expected to greatly boost surgical plan precision and productivity of multidisciplinary clinical teams.


The ‘engine’ of CONSULT has been validated and provided several scientific discoveries in areas outside of surgery. Our first pilot trial completed in 2018 and analysis expected to complete in 2019. Our longitudinal study is funded, enrolling patients in two hospitals, and expecting to complete in 2020.


Team and Contact

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Dr Jurgen Fripp;

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