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Over 350 people attended this year’s 13th Annual e-Health Research Colloquium held at the RBWH Education Centre in Brisbane on 28 March 2017 and hosted by the Australian e-Health Research Centre.

Professor Keith McNeil, Chief Clinical Informatics Officer of the UK NHS, was our international key note speaker this year, providing an overview of digital health activity in the NHS as well as providing some challenging ideas around digital disruption of the health system.

Attendees also heard about Queensland and Australian initiatives. Dr Richard Ashby, CEO of e-Health Queensland, started the talk by providing an update on the Queensland iEMR and other digital health programs. Particularly pleasing for the AEHRC was Dr Ashby’s announcement of a five-year extension to the Joint Venture between CSIRO and Queensland Health. Tim Kelsey, CEO of the Australian Digital Health Agency, then gave an update on the National Digital Health Strategy and the features of Australia’s MyHealth Record system that were international best practice in sharing information with patients and their care givers.

The program then heard talks from our collaborators about the work which our scientists and engineers are enabling across the health system. Talks this year were

  • Prof Roslyn Boyd, Scientific Director – Queensland Cerebral Palsy and Rehabilitation Research Centre speaking on advances in Cerebral Palsy research including the work our imaging scientists are doing to help diagnose the condition earlier and our mobile health researchers are doing in developing rehabilitation technologies.
  • David Bunker, Executive Director – Queensland Genomics Health Alliance providing an update as the projects are getting underway to trial the use of genomics in clinical care.
  • Emily Brindal, from CSIRO’s Health and Nutrition group spoke how the personalisation of diet type using psychological theory can help with weight loss.
  • A/Prof Paul Thomas, Director of the Herston Imaging Research Facility, gave an overview of how the AEHRC biomedical imaging research was helping to advance clinical care across a number of areas by providing quantitative markers from different imaging modalities.
  • Tabs Basit, Health Psychologist at the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health & our own Dana Bradford gave an overview of the mobile phone enabled Work It Out program for chronic care for our Indigenous population.
  • Dr Anthony Bell from Metro North Health and Hospital Service provided an overview of the evidence for differential and out of hour’s outcomes that our health data analytics researchers are undertaking with him.
  • Michael Draheim, CIO – Metro South Health and Hospital Service, then gave an overview of the iEMR program at PA Hospital, with Michael Lawley from the AEHRC, providing a view of some of our activities in adding additional tools and analytics to the program.
  • Yogi Kanagasingam, from the Perth office of the AEHRC, then gave an overview of a trial underway in Perth of diabetic eye screening in GP offices with the support of the CSIRO Remote-I store and forward tele-ophthalmology system.

The morning tea and lunch breaks gave all attendees the opportunity to discuss our projects and technology with our scientists through viewing posters and technology demonstrations. The technology demonstrations spanned mobile health for Indigenous health, cardiac and chronic diseases and orthopaedics; biomedical imaging for Cerebral Palsy to Alzheimer’s disease; genomics with our big data analytics tools; and our health data tools from our clinical terminology tools to our health data analytics tools.

Feedback from the day was again excellent and it was great to see so many of our partners and stakeholders together.

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