Clinical Terminology

14Oct 2020

  We are excited to announce a major new version of the world-leading FHIR-native terminology server, Ontoserver®. Ontoserver is the fastest and most comprehensive FHIR Terminology Server on the market. With more than 75 licensees globally, it provides deep support for SNOMED CT, LOINC, and all FHIR-based CodeSystems. Ontoserver 6.0 previously introduced support for FHIR R4 […]

19Nov 2017

The Australian health system is currently transitioning to a fully electronic system. The Australian health system is currently grappling with the transition to a fully electronic system which will enable health data to be accessed as and when required. Achieving this will rely on the semantic integration of data from multiple sources. Australia has adopted SNOMED […]

18Nov 2017

Recording the right code — diagnosis, procedure, medication — can be simple. With fast, incremental search, and context-specific result ordering Ontoserver puts SNOMED CT, AMT, LOINC, and FHIR-based CodeSystems at your fingertips. Available under licence from the CSIRO’s Australian eHealth Research Centre. More information about Ontoserver and AEHRC other terminology tools.