We are developing an innovative bronchoscopy simulator in collaboration with the RBWH thoracic department. The aim is to increase the skill level of trainee doctors and surgeons who undertake thoracic procedures with a bronchoscope.

New imaging techniques

Recent developments in novel imaging techniques applied in bronchoscopy are being pioneered by surgeons in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital but existing simulators do not incorporate these new techniques in their training programmes.

Try a learning module for NBI imaging.

Motor skills and anatomy

Standard bronchoscopy is a challenging intervention and very difficult to master due to the anatomical variability of the tree structures in the lung. Accurate identification of the site of potential lesions is extremely important for follow-up investigations.

Try a learning module for bronchus anatomy.

Bronchoscopy Simulation Interior Blood Vessel ScreenshotBronchoscopy Simulation Interior Cavity Screenshot