01Oct 2020

CSIRO’s Australian e-Health Research Centre today publishes our annual report for 2019-20. It provides an overview of the great work that our scientists, engineers and students have undertaken with our partners over the past 12 months. Of course the 2019-20 year was somewhat overtaken by the COVID-19 global pandemic! However, our science was incredibly relevant […]

31Jul 2020

Download Full Report Here Our new AI report shows how our AI techniques are powering digital health: from understanding whole genome sequences to enabling clinical decision support, determining patient risk prediction, understanding older people’s functional wellbeing and more. Read the full report, Exemplars of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare (PDF), or read on for […]

12Sep 2019
Two small boats float in a still ocean under cloudy skies.

By Dana Bradford The Archer river spans wide under the prow of our tinny as we carve white furrows in the once still water. A crocodile slides into the shallows, breathing bubbles before surfacing ominously, eyes upon us, ready to meet us on his terms. No threat to each other, we continue our windblown passage […]

28May 2019
A gold rectangular case with a black circle containing a mould growth.

Antibiotics. They’ve been our go-to for treating (and sometimes preventing) bacterial infections ever since Alexander Fleming found mould keeping bacteria in check in his petri dishes almost a century ago and figured it was worth investigating. But bacteria are shrewd. They were among the first life forms to inhabit Earth, and the fact they’re still […]

20May 2019
Two men in conversation in front of a mirror displaying graphs

Our 2019 e-Health Colloquium in Brisbane once again featured leaders in digital health from around the world. Check out this video for some of the day’s highlights. The digital health innovations we are striving to deliver around the world are not for the sake of moving technology forward – they’re for the advancement of healthcare. […]

07Aug 2018

                The Australian e-Health Research Centre team is off to the national iAwards on 30 August 2018 after their game-changing innovations were again successful at the state iAwards this year. Gongs included: Queensland iAwards Winner of the QLD Premier’s iAward for Public Sector Innovation for the mobile-Pulmonary Rehabilitation […]

24Apr 2018
David is standing at a podium speaking, and a subtitle on the image says

David Hansen and the AEHRC recently held their annual e-Health Colloquium in Brisbane – a gathering of some of the greatest minds focussed on using technology to solve Australia’s biggest health challenges. It was a resounding success, attracting more than 300 e-health aficionados. Check out this video for some of the day’s highlights. Can you […]

19Nov 2017

The Australian health system is currently transitioning to a fully electronic system. The Australian health system is currently grappling with the transition to a fully electronic system which will enable health data to be accessed as and when required. Achieving this will rely on the semantic integration of data from multiple sources. Australia has adopted SNOMED […]