Intelligent Imaging

Jason Dowling
Team Leader
Intelligent Imaging

Our team partners with clinicians to develop and validate novel technology to, extract quantitative information from medical image data and to understand and improve disease diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment delivery.

In collaboration with clinical partners our team produce high impact scientific research in a range of disciplines. The team currently receive additional funding support from six NHMRC project grants, an NHMRC development grant, and two Advance Queensland Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships.

Impact on the Health System
Our projects develop cutting edge validated methods to acquire and automatically extract information from medical images to improve diagnosis, treatment delivery efficiency, cost-effectiveness and patient quality of life.

Our Solutions
Our solutions have been developed in partnership with healthcare practitioners at many sites across Australia.


Case Studies


Team Members:

Jason Dowling

Ashley Gillman

Simon Puttick

Chia-Yin Wu







Jason Dowling
Team Leader, passionate about extracting information from medical images to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of disease.
CSIRO Profile

Ashley Gillman
Postgraduate Student, working in motion correction of PET in combined PET/MR.

Simon Puttick
Postgraduate Student, working on image analysis of neonatal brain MRI for prediction of neurodevelopmental outcomes.

Chia-Yin Wu
Research assistant working on muskoskeletal imaging.

Hilda Chourak
PhD Student working on MRI guided ratiation therapy.

Celine Leung
PhD student working on shape analysis for improved radiation therapy treatment planning.

Jess Bugeja
PhD student – Predicting Disease – motion and kinematics of the human hip joint using state of the art biomedical imaging.




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