Clinical Imaging

Sam Burnham
Team Leader
Clinical Imaging

Our clinical imaging research optimises the identification of injury, pathology and treatment response using advanced medical imaging technology. Tho involves developing novel imaging techniques and translating those techniques into the clinical environment to improve patient management and outcome and provide efficient hospital workflows.

Improved image-guided radiotherapy treatment planning technology
This project is developing a new MRI-based workflow to improve radiotherapy treatment for patients with prostate and cervical cancers.

Clinical decision support tools for cerebral palsy
We are working with our clinical partners to build a toolbox to digitally evaluate MRI scans and video input of everyday physical activities, to aid diagnosis and streamline the clinical assessment of information for kids with cerebal palsy.

Using imaging to guide therapy for Brain Cancer
This project aims to guide therapy for brain cancer by extracting the under-utilized information contained by dynamic PET and MRI images.

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