Biostatistics – outdated


JamesJames Doecke
Team Leader

Behind every large scientific finding seen in the newspaper, on the web, or in scientific journals is a team of statisticians working to answer the biological questions posed by leading scientists today. Our team of statisticians here at CSIRO Health and Biosecurity, Biomedical Informatics are well placed to analyse biomedical data with the view to interpret some of the worlds most important medical research questions.

Some of these questions include the following:

  • Can we identify those with Alzheimer’s Disease before the onset of clinical symptoms?
  • Can we change treatment policy for those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease to reduce the likelihood of surgery?
  • Can we find genetic markers that lead to early treatment options for Parkinson’s disease suffers?

Its questions like these that some of the largest research bodies in the world are asking, and its statisticians that help answer these questions. Using complex statistical decision tools, statisticians in our team work with collaborators across Australia and internationally on projects such as the world’s largest study of ageing (AIBL).


Within this project, statisticians work with collaborators to investigate risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease

The current project investigates genomic and proteomic information related to the early identification of Parkinson’s disease