AEHRC partners

We can help create value for your customers, patients, and clinical studies.

Medical Investigators

We are collaborating with many Australian and International clinical studies to analyse medical data such as imaging, genomics, and other biomarkers. Often those studies are funded and initiated through competitive grants (e.g. NHMRC), but they could be pilot studies to investigate new hypothesis or develop specific tools. We can be involved and help at many stages of a clinical study: 1) defining hypothesis and advising on what medical techniques is best suited, 2) helping write grant as chief or associate investigators, 3) establishing data acquisition protocols such as MRI imaging sequences, 4) managing the data during the study from collection to reports 5) providing statistical analysis expertise from the study design to the analysis of the results.

Biotechnology firms and investors

We have a portfolio of technologies at various stages of readiness with an excellent track record of impact and translation to the clinic. We have licensed technologies to multi-national and small businesses, created spin-off, and been contracted for research projects to help companies develop or implement medical technologies.

Pharmaceutical companies and CRO

We have been partnering with pharmaceutical companies to provide expertise in statistical analysis of medical data for large clinical studies. We can provide complete reporting of advanced image analysis, genomics, and panels of biomarkers, mining for interaction and prognosis of clinical endpoints. For example, working with the Australian Imaging Biomarkers and Lifestyle study we recently patented a blood panel of biomarkers very sensitive and specific to early Alzheimer's, while another one allows to screen subject for Amyloid enrichment. We can also be contracted for second opinion analysis of hypothesis during clinical trials, for which we provide complete report using the most advanced methods.