Using our digital health expertise to enable and support COVID-19 responses .


Transforming health systems with e-health records and productivity tools to improve decision support, reporting, operational efficiency and resource management.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Gaining new insights from biomedical information with support tools and software for clinical decision making.

Health Services

Improving access for all Australians to health services through broadband and mobile communications.



Using cloud-based distributed computing to uncover the molecular origins of dementia and ALS

Social Robots to Support Children with Autism

Motor Neurone Disease and Dementia

M♡THer - A digital platform to help women manage gestational diabetes

PD-BUDDy - A digital platform to help patients manage peritoneal dialysis

GenPhenlnsights - Joining genomic and phenotypic data on-the-fly

CSIRO a global pioneer in offering health solutions in the AWS Marketplace

- August 7, 2020

@allPowerde: Find out about the cutting edge of #ML and #AI in #Health from Australia's largest digital health initiative, @ehealthresearch. With case studies across LifeScience & Health Informatics e.g. @TBioinf's #VariantSpark, #sVEP, @gt_scan2 and #COVID19 genomics
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- August 7, 2020

@allPowerde: #VariantSpark is published in @GigaScience. #VariantSpark uses #MachineLearning for genome analysis; it handles 1 trillion data points – a world first; and explores polygenic epistatic interactions, to better understand complex diseases
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- August 7, 2020

At ⁦@ehealthresearch⁩ we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to power our digital health research and technologies. Find out how we use AI and Ml in health across data, analytics, imaging, genomics and more in our new report!
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- July 30, 2020

@GeorginaRHobson: Fantastic to see the launch of this valuable app - congratulations @MVarnfield and all the @ehealthresearch mobile health team ! #digitalhealth #mhealth #gestationaldiabetes
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- July 30, 2020

@CSIRO: We're working with Mater Mothers’ Hospital and Redland Hospital in Brisbane to fast-track an app called M♡THer. It will support pregnant patients with gestational diabetes and reduce their need to visit hospital. @MaterNews @MetSthHealth
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Chief Executive Officer of AEHRC

The delivery of healthcare in the digital age will be very different from today. Digital technology will enable safer, higher quality health services leading to better outcomes for patients and efficiencies for health care providers. Science and research underpinned by community engagement and industry collaboration will be integral moving forward.

Dr David Hansen - CEO


We develop strategic partnerships to undertake research in e-health, big data analysis, decision support, software development, mobile technologies, digital healthcare services, clinical needs, medical and laboratory workflows and more.

  1. Industry

    Our strength lies in world class science, technological innovation and strong industry partnerships. AEHRC welcomes interest and investment from businesses and entrepreneurs interested in developing new products and services to improve healthcare.

  2. Government

    While AEHRC is a partnership between CSIRO and the Queensland Government, we also work closely on health ICT research with many other Government agencies. With ongoing research activities in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, the Centre has a strong national reach.

  3. Hospital & healthcare

    AEHRC research takes a collaborative approach with strong clinical and consumer engagement during projects. Our multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to serving the needs of patients, clinicians and health agencies. We work closely with government health departments, hospitals and health services in metropolitan, rural and regional areas.

  4. Universities

    AEHRC is proud of its research reputation and maintains close relationships with universities and centres of excellence. Our team has alumni from leading institutions and we provide opportunities and mentoring for students.

AEHRC Videos

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