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Research Investment & Advisory Committee

Reporting to the Board of the AEHRC, the Research and Investment Advisory Committee (RIAC) performs an advisory function to provide high-level guidance about how the AEHRC might best contribute to CSIRO and Queensland Government priorities. Specifically, the role of the RIAC is to:

  • Contribute to the setting of longer-term strategic directions by the AEHRC serving the e-Health sector.
  • Provide advice on the business and technical needs of customers and how the work of the AEHRC can be better aligned with customers.
  • Use their understanding of the AEHRC mandate and capabilities to act as advocates for the AEHRC in various forums.
  • Assist in reviewing progress towards achieving identified strategic objectives, including the methods and effectiveness of marketing, technology transfer and commercialisation strategies, and suggest improvements.
  • Establish ad-hoc working groups of RIAC members, AEHRC officers and co-opted experts to examine critical strategic issues from the e-Health sector and communicate these findings to the Board of the AEHRC.

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